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Tech Empowerment

Oorjaa has brought together the best minds in Logistics, Supply Chain, Technology, AI/ML and Data with more than 4 decades of industry experience to reimagine Tech-powered logistics.


Smart Fleet and Route Recommendation Engine

Let Optimus recommend the optimal fleet and route to deliver your order on time!

  • Savings upto 20%
  • Easy interface for entering fleet & order details.
  • Smart AI & ML backed optimisation engine to see recommended routes.
  • Eliminate the complexity of deciding routes for last and mid-mile deliveries.
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Unleash the power of Smart Sharing, send your goods in a Shared truck

  • Reduce Delivery Costs upto 60%
  • Pay only for the space you use
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Same day Delivery
  • Live Tracking and Customer support for safe and scheduled delivery
  • Digital POD and Invoice
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Smart Trip

Smart Management of your Daily Trips and Vehicle

  • Assigning Vehicle to Trip and Real time monitoring the same
  • Intuitive and Interactive Dashboard to avoid SLA breaches
  • Delivery Partner Mobile app to load right set of material, display the most optimal route
  • Notifications when store is nearby and unload the right set of material and upload the POD
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Vendor and Customer Contract Management and Billing tool

  • Manage Multiple Customers, Vendors and related Contracts at one place
  • Copy and apply across different location, vendors and customers on single click
  • Create and Manage different contract types like per Kilometre, per Order, per Kg or custom as per your need
  • Cost Analysis for a given Trip and Vehicle in terms of Kilometres, Orders, Kg, Penalties, Fuel Advance etc.
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Control Tower

One Team to control them all

  • Reliable Partner for System Implementation, daily execution and Support
  • Ensures SLA tracking and that too in the right and optimal way.
  • Operational 24 X 7 to support all timezones
  • Save cost and operational headache by avoiding a dedicated in house team for Transport Management
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for the Intra – City Supply Chain